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Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance

Our SLE Team

Deep Learning TSA has SLEs who offer a comprehensive skill set to be deployed across the alliance.

Andy Ash 

Andy has been working with large numbers of primary and secondary schools across the North West for a number of years now. In doing this, along with continued research into teaching for mastery, he has developed significant expertise in maths teaching from EYFS to KS4. In particular, he has a lot of experience working in the classroom supporting teachers to identify precise elements of their practice that will help them make improvements. Andy particularly enjoys leading lesson study sessions where both he, and others, teach lessons and then spend time reflecting on these, identifying key learning points.


Amanda Maney

Amanda is an Assistant Headteacher on the Wirral, with over 20 years’ experience teaching Primary children. Amanda is also an accredited Life Coach, is trained in Clean Learning, and is a published profiling trainer; she is experienced in training staff, developing leadership, establishing a co coaching culture for staff and children alike and enabling systemic whole school improvement, Amanda is an accredited AAMET EFT Practitioner and uses this alongside NLP skills to develop behaviour for learning; enhancing understanding and empowering children and staff to optimise attitudes and mind set to raise aspirations and achievement.


Clare Peers

Claire is a primary school teacher and senior leader as well as the Foundation Stage Leader at a Wirral primary school. She is also a Lead Mentor for ITT and moderates, trains and organises students and placements with a consortium of schools. Clare specialises in raising attainment and achievement in Early Years and has had nine years’ experience in this area. She leads and develops aspects of continuous provision, phonics and child initiated learning. Clare has supported other schools and has helped an early years setting move from being in special measures to good. She works with a TSA, based on Wirral, offering support to other schools and local education establishments. 


Joanne Harvey

Joanne has been a teacher working in the Early Years Foundation Stage for over 17 years and is currently the EYFS lead at Bedford Drive. She has significant expertise in all areas of EYFS provision and is currently part of the leadership team for the flagship Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub EYFS programme. She has a lot of experience working with other schools including conducting learning walks, coaching in the classroom, supporting teachers with planning and leading lesson studies.


Emma Grannell

Emma has significant experience in developing a mastery approach in mathematics and is now one of the Cheshire and Wirral Primary Mastery Specialists. As an SLE Emma has worked with large numbers of other schools helping them to specifically develop textbook based pedagogy. Her particular areas of expertise are using a high quality textbook, classroom coaching, lesson study focussing on mastery principles and year 2 moderation and SATs preparation.


Maria Chambers

Maria is the Maths Subject Lead and assistant head at St George’s Primary School. As a Primary Mastery Specialist with the Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub she has significant experience working with other schools to support them in developing teaching for mastery. Maria also co-leads the Wirral Mathematics Subject Leader Network and supports the Maths Hub with a variety of other projects. In particular, she has an interest in developing support for pupils with SEND and looking at how this can be done within a mastery approach.


Lorna Goulding

Lorna is in the unique position of being a secondary school teacher who has a large amount of experience working with primary and secondary schools. As such, she is highly skilled at supporting teachers to develop the principles of teaching for mastery (particularly in KS2) where more challenging topics are taught. Lorna has worked with large numbers of primary and secondary schools over the past few years and is particularly skilled in working alongside teachers in lessons and supporting them with planning.


Mark Cotton

Mark is also in a unique position. He is a National Leader of Education who teaches regularly and spends a lot of time refining classroom practice alongside teachers (KS1-4). He is able to offer the perspective of a seasoned head teacher whilst having significant expertise in the pedagogy of teaching for mastery. As such, he supports both teachers and leaders at all levels to implement and embed a mastery approach.


Rachel Hounslow-Griffiths

Rachel has a great deal of experience working alongside primary school teachers to help them develop their mathematics teaching. She has been a primary mastery specialist for four years and is now the Primary Mastery Lead for the Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub. As well as her significant role in system leadership, Rachel is also an assistant head teacher at an outstanding primary school in Cheshire. Her specialism is with supporting schools wishing to develop a mastery approach using a wide range of resources.