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Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance

Joint Professional Development - maths mastery with Singapore maths

So far, the team, funded by the North West 3 Maths Hub, has trained a total of 24 schools in Warrington, St Helens and the Wirral in the principles of Singapore style maths.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff received two full days of training which was rated as excellent by 91% of staff attending. These staff are now finding benefit from the follow-up sessions in their schools and as groups of professional.

The Evidence...

Informal evidence is gathering: 90% of top group Year 2 children, having used the Singapore approach for two terms, achieved Level 3 on the first un-prepped SAT test they tried in March this year! Anecdoatal evidence is pouring in. Year 1 teachers are astounded by the level of understanding being revealed through the power of journalling.


Ofsted have noted in a Deep Learning supported school which is successfully adopting the Singapore approach throughout the primary range to bring a school out of special measures:

"This approach to teaching - encouraging deeper thinking and mastery of new ideas - is paying dividends."