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Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance

A teaching school with a difference

Deep Learning specialises in Teaching to Mastery.

  • Are you passionate about the principles of deep, lasting learning?
  • Do you want to take learning deeper, for students, staff, the whole community?
  • Are you interested in joining an innovative, school led system of deep improvement at every level? 

Deep Learning Teaching School Alliance, designated in March 2014, is formed around the core principles of teaching to mastery as expounded by the most respected educational researchers. Jerome Bruner, pivotal amongst these great pedagogical minds, is central to our approach.

Tasked with developing a school led system of continual improvement, the Deep Learning Alliance works in partnership with other Teaching Schools to offer and develop training, school based support and research, to benefit all stakeholders, enriching and improving provision and outcomes for children and young people across the North West of England and beyond.

If Deep Learning interests you, either because you are considering a career in teaching, or because you are already working within the school system and want to develop skills, leadership and/or pedagogy, join us as we work with schools at the leading edge of learning nationwide to shape the future of education!

What We Offer

Teaching School Alliances are responsible for driving continuous school improvement at every level to raise outcomes for young people.

This involves:

  • Initial Teacher Training - our greatest passion - to nourish and develop, not just the teachers of tomorrow, but the future leaders of education
  • Continuous Professional Development - for all staff at every level
  • Leadership development - talent management and succession planning
  • School to school support - to ensure that schools in difficulty are partnered with the most successful practitioners to ensure accelerated improvement and raised outcomes for young people
  • Research and Development - through school based practice and trialling of innovative approaches to aspirational achievement for all.
  • Specialist Leaders in Education - the encouragement, training and deployment of a growing team of specialist practitioners who can share and enhance the best practice in real terms, working from their own class base.

How We Work

A Teaching School Alliance with a difference...

Deep Learning TSA has a specific approach:

  • Pedagogy first
  • Everything else second
  • Whatever our focus, our approach is the same. 
  • Dive deeply to find the core principles - validated research must be the bedrock on which we build.
  • Distil these into prime directives which translate into daily practice.
  • Plan thoroughly with the end in mind - a coaching approach to projects underway.
  • Follow through to ensure exceptional outcomes.